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The Blue Marlin Vacanze Residence is located in Marina di Camerota, Costa del Cilento. A place rich in history, charm and natural beauty. Ideal for beach holidays!

Marina di Camerota existed as a small village since the second half of the seventeenth century in the Laiella district, where there was also a small church dedicated to S. Nicola di Mira.

The current town, to the west, expands since the end of the eighteenth century.
In the early nineteenth century the main square, which bears the name of the patron saint Dominic of Guzmàn, assumes the current configuration called by the parish church, whose work was completed in 1938.
On 17 July 1848, with the edict of Ferdinand II, king of the two Sicilies, Marina di Camerota was proclaimed “Borgo”. This is therefore his official date of birth.

Today Marina di Camerota is a charming town of about 3500 inhabitants, which in the summer is populated by many thousands of tourists.

Its expansion, starting in the 1960s, is due to the remittances of the emigrants to Venezuela. The tourist boom dates back to the ’70s.

Marina di Camerota has 21 km of coastline, including 13 km of sandy coastline. the coast is characterized by 17 towers for the sighting of Saracen pirates. The quality of the sea waters, the beauty of its landscapes and the hospitality of the inhabitants make it, in Italy, one of the most sought-after units of national and international tourism.

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